Turnkey Repair Development /
Project Management


The PTS Project Management Team effectively plans and controls the program aspects of our customer projects, taking a business need through execution.

Our core competency in Repair Development, allows our customers to discover new methods for component recovery, whether at end of service life or at new make manufacturing.

We can provide a “one-stop shopping” to address both project status and customer questions throughout the life of the project. Our team will manage your schedule, budget and technical needs.

We tailor our management scope to the project scale and duration; from using simple project management tools for tracking schedule and budget, to employing custom in-house programs to manage critical path scheduling, formal risk assessment and mitigation planning. Our project leaders will provide regular status reports to our customers, tailored to the scale of the project; from written reports to weekly meetings with scorecard metrics, that quickly communicate project status, risks and abatement plans.

At PTS, many engineers are trained in project management to efficiently manage their individual small projects, however we also maintain a core team of certified project management professionals (PMP’s) dedicated to projects of larger scope and complexity.

Detailed Capabilities

  • Repair and Recovery Projects
  • Project Scheduling and Tracking
  • Critical Path Tracking
  • Budgets
  • Tollgate Framework
  • Scorecards
  • Earned Value Management
  • ISO 9001 Practices
  • Tools and Applications