Development Center (RDC)


PTS maintains a state of the art facility dedicated to material recovery, PTS develops recovery solutions with the use of the following key technologies:

  • Metal Addition
  • Coatings
  • Joining
  • Inspection Techniques
  • Cleaning Techniques
  • Advanced Tooling / Machining

The science of repair and recovery development can be used to significantly reduce cost for your operation. PTS specializes in assisting our customers create recovery programs from initial start-up, to optimizing existing programs through a host of options.

  • Reduce new material costs
  • Create & maintain repair documentation
  • Develop condition-based repairs
  • Provide shop support for service operations
  • Establish and validate inspection criteria
  • Expansion of acceptance tolerances to increase yield rates

Our RDC provides our customers with the latest strategic advantages to outpace their competition in maximizing material management and cost out initiatives. We can provide the following services at our development center:

  • Develop challenging repairs
  • Create specific patented processes for component refurbishment
  • Introduce advanced manufacturing & inspection technologies
  • Conduct validation testing
  • Establish repair development guidelines and acceptance tolerances
  • Provide a point of collaboration for outsourced development work
  • Manage metallurgical initiatives