Tool Design and
Build Capabilities


Our years of experience and broad knowledge base allows us to be thorough, comprehensive, and productive.

Phoenix Technical Solutions offers a full range of design services; from modelling concepts, through product development, to support of manufacturing and shop floor introduction. Early phases of the design process require creativity, experience, and good engineering judgment to conceive potential solutions to engineering challenges. We have successfully delivered on projects encompassing conceptual design through run-off. Much of our success in conceptual design can be attributed to our machine shop origins, building molds, dies and fixtures.

Detailed Capabilities

  • Drafting
    • 3D Modeling
    • 2D Drawing
    • System Interface
  • Detail Design
    • Component
    • Assembly
  • Tooling and Fixturing
    • Process
    • Handling
    • Inspection
    • Testing
  • Prototyping
    • Proving fit, form and function
    • Proving process capability
  • Product Improvement
    • Incorporate product enhancements
    • Optimize methods
  • Realization
    • Industrialize the solution
    • Introduce to Supply Chain
    • Personnel Training

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