Need a Specialized Position Filled Quickly?

January 11, 2021

When a customer needs a position filled quickly, we will find the right person for the job as fast as possible, without compromising on skill level or experience. An example of an expedited hiring we have done in the past is described in detail below. 

The Need

We had a customer who urgently needed to fill a critical role. Production was being impacted along with the timing of important project updates. 

Our Solution 

Collected requirements:

  • Identified the skills needed.
  • Identified educational requirements.
  • Asked for resumes of current employees in similar roles.
  • Most important – kept in contact with the customer and asked questions.

Had a job posting up within one week of the initial contact by customer:

  • Utilized industry-leading search tools.
  • Contacted Phoenix’s internal network in search of suggestions/references.

Screened candidates:

  • Reviewed 59 resumes.
  • Conducted 9 phone interviews.
  • Conducted 3 in-person interviews.
  • Submitted offer to candidate.

The Results

  • Had an offer accepted in less than 2 weeks from initial customer contact.
  • Candidate started on job one business day after in-person interview. 
  • Customer saw immediate benefit and productivity in the first week. 
  • PTS has developed a strong relationship with this customer and now consults on multiple projects. 

Phoenix Technical was able to scope, identify, on-board and deliver the right person for the customer’s needs within two weeks of the initial contact from the customer. 

This person is delivering quality support for the customer at a significant cost savings, and we can do this for you too!

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